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Following instructions provide guidance for using and customizing various IntegriVideo components.

All components require basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Each component is only 2 lines of HTML code.

For example:

<script async="true" src=""></script>
<integri id="..." />

This code can be added anywhere on your page. You can find examples here bitbucket link.


  1. Sign up for an account on
  2. Add a project. Typically, one project per website is recommended.
  3. Add the desired component
  4. Copy code, which includes the COMPONENT_ID value.


UID parameter uniquely identifies a video recording or chat room.

<script async="true" src=""></script>
<integri id="..." />

How UID works:

SID parameter uniquely identifies user sessions.

IntegriVideo components automatically generate a new session if no existing session is found. Once the session is created, it’s cached in the local browser cache. If your application requires re-using of sessions across multiple browsers or when browser cache is cleared, the SID parameter can be used. Just pass a unique value to the IntegriVideo component and the existing user session will be retrieved.

<script async="true" src=""></script>
<integri id="..." />

UNAME parameter specifies user’s full name

Specify user’s name when instantiating the IntegriVideo component. It’s very useful chat and then later to manage videos on the admin console. If not specified, Anonymous will be displayed. User can change their name during the chat session as well by clicking the settings icon.

<script async="true" src=""></script>
<integri id="..." />

UPIC parameter specifies user’s avatar

Specify user’s avatar when instantiating the IntegriVideo component. If not specified, a default image will be used. User can specify during the session as well by clicking the settings icon.

<script async="true" src=""></script>
<integri id="..." />


Single video component

Single video component allows users to record themselves, watch the recording and repeat. It’s commonly used for profile videos, one-way interviews, product reviews, assessments & etc.

If you would like to add questions to your video (assessment case for example) then just add couple lines of JS code:

window.$$IntegriOptions = {
 questions: [
   text: 'Question text...'
<script async="true" src=""></script>
<integri id="..." />

Multi-video component

Multi-video component allows two or more users to engage in a live video meeting. Video is recorded and participant can use the built-in screen sharing capability to collaborate. Up to 10 users are allowed to participate at any time. Multi-video component is ideal for a team meeting, a live interview, or a coaching session.

Video player component

The Video player component can be used to play any existing video, which was previously recorded via another IntegriVieo component. Use the uid parameter to uniquely identify the video.

<script async="true" src=""></script>
<integri id="..." />

Example: Video Resume

On a typical job board, job applicants record video resume in their profile. When employer opens candidate’s profile, they can watch video resumes. Single video component should be used on applicant’s pages to record a video resume, while video player component should be on the employer’s pages to watch it.

uid parameter should be set to a unique id of the applicant.

<script async="true" src=""></script>
<integri id="..." />


Chat component

Chat is a rich component which includes text chat, multi-user video with screen-sharing, file-sharing and telephony.

Specifying values for uid, uname and upic is highly recommended.

<script async="true" src=""></script>
<integri id="..." />

Example: Job application chat

Once a job seeker applies to a job, employer will respond via chat to discuss job details and meet over a face-face video. IntegriVideo’s chat component should be used to create a chat room where only a specific employer and applicant have the ability to collaborate.

<script async="true" src=""></script>
<integri id="integri-chat" />


Info component



As you already understood - our components is clear HTML+CSS+JavaScript (without Flash) and you can change styles as you want.